Aliens Donut Exist

Happy Alien Day!

..Or the ultimate proof that "Aliens Donut Exist".

Today we're celebrating the Alien Day. The date 4-26 is a nod to LV-426, the moon where the xenomorphs are discovered in the 1979 film from Ridley Scott. In honour of this occasion I've created a special eye candy for all you retro sci-fi fans out there. Here is the ultimate proof: Aliens Donut Exist!

Aliens Donut Exist - Shirt

It was just a few weeks ago, when I watched this masterpiece of space horror movie the last time, but there always is something weird for me when it comes to the scene at the beginning where the astronauts discover the gigantic spaceship on this dark and foggy moon. Everytime I see that spaceship, I have to think about donuts! Yes donuts! I'm not sure if it's the shape, but what I am sure is, that this feeling brought me to the idea to put in a donut in my design! Anyway, the shirt is available in our shop as well. Check out the various styles and colors and buy one if you like donuts! ;)