The mystery science of Rolly Rocket

Scientists recently found out, that the hex-code of Rolly Rocket's corporate design color includes the number 2085. Coincidence? Or does the science of Rolly Rocket has more depth as we assumed yet?

When you check out the Rolly Rocket corporate color scheme on Adobe Color, you will notice the pinkish red color, which is generally used as highlight color in Rolly Rocket's brand. The mystery of this color is, the hex color code: #F02085.

Sure, it apparently is a standard hex-code, but when you think further you probably will recognize the rumors about the time travelling graphic and motion designer from the future. It is said that Rolly travelled back in time from the year 2085. This is the part where it starts to get interesting. Could this be an evidence that proofs his origin from the future, or is it all a big coincidence?